Fakten & Fragen an Weinthal

E-Mail an Herrn Weinthal 20.10.2019

Fakten genannt und Fragen gestellt

Bis Dato unbeantwortet.

Heutzutage wiederholt Benny die gleiche Aussagen.

Nun kann er nicht sagen er wußte es nicht.
Die Erkärung warum er es macht belibt er schuldig.

Von: Gaby Spronz <info@aktionsforum-israel.de>
Gesendet: Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2019 02:12
An: 'Benjamin Weintal; Yaakov Katz

Betreff: The case Blume/Malca/Aktionsforum Israel
Priorität: Hoch


Hi Benny,


You complained that we separated from Malca and her team and sent me 25 mails with questions.


Here is my answer to your inquiry over these 25 e-mails.

I intend to publish my answer to you together with your answers.

Please provide me your answers for my question before October 22ed cob.


As you know, the Aktionsforum-Israel is combatting BDS, Antisemitism and bias reporting about Israel since years.

Our priority is on bias reporting.


We have a working group in Facebook and a separate open site with information and space for discussions.

Malca was a member of our working group until our separation. I will explain later the reason.

Malca has her own group. I have also been a member of her group until my ejection out of Malca’s group.

The working group is not a Media or press organization, neither is it a space for spreading or promoting opinions. In the group we analyze cases prepare action and coordinate them.

We are a closed group in order to protect our actions. Submitting any group’s information outside the group is prohibited by our rules which have been checked by a lawyer.

In one case we already went legally successful against breaking this rule.


In regards to your question Benny, you ask, is the Forum repressing freedom of speech, when separating from Malca and her team.

  1. If somebody in the working team of correspondents at JPost disturbs the work and is fired, would you also say, this is against the freedom of speech?


As mentioned, we have an open site/page in Facebook. This is the site “Aktionsforum Israel” in Facebook.

Everybody worldwide is free to post there, also Malca can freely post there.

So freedom of speech of anybody is granted by us, also for the persons separated from us.

They are free to post in our public site as they wish, also with opinions against us.


On September 15th we organized a benefit festival against cultural boycott with the target to donate 100% of the money for Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), an organization treating kids round Gaza suffering from Trauma under the attacks out of Gaza.

A link to the homepage of the festival:



As mentioned, Malca has her own group.

In Malca’s group a campaign has been started against this festival, claiming that Mrs. Schnarrenberger the commissioner against antisemitism in Nordrein Westfallen ist not only an anti-Semite but has even personally robbed Jews by “Arisierung”.

Accordingly, our event has been widely been stamped as antisemitic.

This pattern has also been implied in regards to other supporters of the festival.

This inhibited our work.

Malca is responsible for her group.

Malca herself did not interfere or protect us, she even liked some postings there.

When I complained about this, I have been ejected out of Malca’s group.

This was far before the relevant case for you, which you addressed here.

This is the main reason, why we decided to separate the groups.



  1. Have you also been informed, that I have been ejected from Malca’s group?
  2. Will you also report, that Malca ejected me, a pro-Israeli advocate in first place?
  3. Do you consider my ejection out of Malca’s group as repressing free speech of a pro-Israel advocate?
  4. Do you consider persons sabotaging anti-BDS events as pro-Israel advocates?
  5. Do you consider Mrs. Schnarrenberger as an anti-Semite?
  6. Do you consider our event in Bochum as an antisemitic event?
  7. Do you think, kids around Gaza, suffering from trauma deserve treatment?
  8. What do you thing about the fact, that Malca’s group targeted the above-mentioned event and most probably harmed the donation for the mentioned kids?


Next subject: The case Blume

The Forum has predefined subjects and targets on which we want to work. Other subjects are excluded and we do not deal with them.

Some additional subjects, that are internally Controversial, like “Stolpersteine” we exclude as well, as they would split the forum and cause internal conflicts. Out of my experience, such conflicts may even destroy the Forum completely.

We discussed the case Blume fully openly and also critically in the beginning.

We do not really consider the case Blume as our subject, as it was handled very controversially and there was a big struggle.

Also, the way one member acted was very critical. This member triggered other members to go against the Forum and the administrators.

I see it as my duty to protect the forum.


  1. Do you think the case Blume is worth risking the elimination of the Forum?

The biggest struggle was about your report.

Generally, we had no issue about criticism but the last case caused the majority of the members headaches.

They said, you missed in your report some facts.

The real facts are, when Mr. Blume has been noticed about his critical click, he immediately deleted it, Blocked the posting person and published a statement saying “Anybody compering Zionism with Nazism is my enemy”.


  1. As it is missing in your report that Blume deleted the like. Didn’t you know this? Or did you ignore it?
  2. As you write in your report, that Blume IS a facebook friend of the posting person and the trues is, Blume even immediately blocked this person. Didn’t you know this? Or did you ignore it?
  3. As the immediate statement of Blume is missing in your report. Didn’t you know this? Or did you ignore it?
  4. For the case that you did not know these facts. Are you going to improve your investigations in future before publishing?
  5. For the case that you ignored these facts, please explain why.


Malca and her team continued to ignore the facts missing in your report, causing an extreme escalation of the discussion and loosing first members.

They caused a lot of anger in the Forum.

  1. Do you think it was correct from Malca and her team to ignore these facts?
  2. Do you think it is a good team work to approach each other aggressively?
  3. Do you think, it is a good thing to keep persons who ignore facts and sabotage our actions in the team?
  4. Would you agree with me, that in this case, it would be better to go apart in piece and continue working without disturbing each other?


The Jewish communities in Germany had a long straggle for the implementation of commissioners for antisemitism.

As my feedback from Malca’s team, is that one of their targets is to eliminate the position of the commissioners for Antisemitism.

  1. Do you agree with this target?


As you criticized Mr. Blume for not acting against Arabic Antisemitism and being anti-Israeli:

  1. My research concerning Mr. Blume being anti-Israeli, I failed to find any evidence. Please provide evidence.
  2. Actually, in Blume’s report about antisemitism as represented in the Landtag of Baden-Wuertemberg he does address all kinds of antisemitism including Israel related and Arabic as well. Were you aware to this? If yes, why did you report differently? If not, are you going to improve your methods and quality of work?


As I always desire a clear and correct situation before acting, I wish to hear all sides and obtain a complete picture. I approached Mr. Blume directly and confronted him with some questions and got answered as following:


„Herr Dr. Blume,

Was machen Sie überhaupt gegen Antisemitismus in Deutschland und für Juden?

Machen Sie auch etwas bezüglich Israelkritik und Arabischen Antisemitismus?

Machen Sie auch Fehler?“


"Dr. Blume,

What are you actually doing against anti-Semitism in Germany and for Jews?

Do you also do anything concerning Israel related antisemitism and Arab anti-Semitism?

Do you also make mistakes? "


His Answers:


Lieber Herr Spronz,


vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage. Tatsächlich konnte in meinem ersten Amtsjahr als Beauftragter der Landesregierung gegen Antisemitismus viel erreicht werden. So konnte ich:

  1. über 180 öffentliche und über 40 nichtöffentliche Veranstaltungen gegen Antisemitismus durchführen, einige auch mit dem Generalkonsulat des Staates Israel.
  2. Am 23.09. - also drei Wochen vor Halle - vereinbarten Innenministerium, Polizei und jüdische Landesgemeinden bei einer Tagung im Gemeindezentrum der Israelitischen Religionsgemeinschaft Württembergs (IRGW) eine verbesserte Sicherheitszusammenarbeit gegen Antisemiten. Im November wird dabei auch eine große Delegation unserer Polizei Israel und dessen Polizei besuchen.
  3. Nach dem Terrorakt von Halle stellte unser Innenminister sofort 1 Million Euro für Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zur Verfügung.
  4. Mein Bericht an den Landtag von Baden-Württemberg umfasst insgesamt 78 Handlungsempfehlungen, die von Sicherheit über Bildung, Integration und Strafverfolgung bis zu einem Landes-Begegnungsprogramm mit Israel reichen.


Weil ich dort auch den linken und arabischen Antisemitismus anspreche und u.a. die Nakba-Ausstellung im Kapitel "Israelbezogener Antisemitismus" als "einseitig" kritisiere, werde ich auch öffentlich von Gruppen wie dem "Palästinakomittee" als "Mitarbeiter von Netanjahu & Trump" bezeichnet und gefordert, meinen Bericht zu ändern. Das habe ich abgelehnt und halte Stand. Alle Fraktionen im Landtag Außer der AfD - in der es keine einheitliche Linie gab - haben meine Arbeit und Empfehlungen in dieser Woche im Parlament gewürdigt, zudem die jüdischen Landesgemeinden, die Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart und die Vertreter des Staates Israel. Selbstverständlich mache auch ich Fehler, aber ich kann doch sagen, dass wir für den Kampf gegen Antisemitismus, für das jüdische Leben und die deutsch-israelischen Beziehungen viel erreicht haben und hart weiterarbeiten. Gerne dürfen Sie diese Erklärung von mir in jeder Weise weitergeben und zitieren.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Dr. Michael Blume“



Dear Mr. Spronz,


Thank you for your request. In fact, a lot could be achieved in my first year in office as the state government commissioner against anti-Semitism. So I could:

  1. Organize over 180 public and over 40 non-public events against anti-Semitism, some with the Consulate General of the State of Israel.
  2. On the 23.09. - i.e. three weeks before Halle, the Ministry of the Interior, the police and regional Jewish communities agreed on improved security cooperation against anti-Semitism at a meeting in the community center of the Israelite Religious Community of Württemberg (IRGW). In November, a large delegation from our police force will visit Israel and its police force.
  3. After the terrorist act in Halle, our interior minister immediately made 1 million euros available for security measures.
  4. My report to the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg includes a total of 78 recommendations for action, ranging from security to education, integration and criminal prosecution to a state meeting program with Israel.


As I also address left and Arab anti-Semitism, criticize the Nakba exhibition in the chapter "Israel-related anti-Semitism" as "one-sided", I am also publicly named by groups such as the "Palestine Committee" as "employees of Netanyahu & Trump" and called to change my report. I refused. All parliamentary groups except the AfD  in which there was no uniform line honored my work and recommendations in parliament this week, as did the Jewish regional communities, the German-Israeli Society in Stuttgart and the representatives of the State of Israel. Of course, I make mistakes too, but I can say that we have achieved a lot for the fight against anti-Semitism, for Jewish life and German-Israeli relations and are continuing to work hard. You are welcome to pass on and quote this statement from me in any way.


Kind regards


Dr. Michael Blume "


Questions to you Benny:

  1. Do you think it is good to hold events against Antisemitism as Blume did? If yes, why did you never mention this in any of your reports about Mr. Blume who does this?
  2. Do you think it is a good thing to increase the security lever at Jewish institutions as Mr. Blume promoted it? If yes, why did you never mention this in any of your reports about Mr. Blume?
  3. Were you informed about the collaboration, that Mr. Blume supported between Israel and the German authorities? If yes, why did you never mention this in any of your reports about Mr. Blume? If not, are you going to improve your methods and quality of work?
  4. As you criticize that Mr. Blume does not consider Arabic Antisemitism. Mr. Blume is under fire by Arabs for his criticism of Arab antisemitism as for example about the Nakba exhibition. Did you know that? If yes, why did you never mention this in any of your reports about Mr. Blume? If not, are you going to improve your methods and quality of work?
  5. Are you aware to the report of antisemitism done by Mr. Blume and recently presented to the parliament of Baden Wuertemberg?
  6. Did you know that in contradiction to your accusations, Mr. Blume does address the issue of Islamic antisemitism?
  7. Die you know that most German politicians speak about islamistic and not like Mr. Blume about Islamic issues? So he addresses this issue even harder than others.
  8. Did you know that Mr. Blume does address Israel related antisemitism, in contradiction to what you are reporting?
  9. Did you know, that Mr. Blume also addresses political issues for Germany being dependent upon energy resources from Islamic antisemitic countries? Having also influence on antisemitism, especially Israel related antisemitism in Germany?
  10. Did you know, that mainly right-wing politicians (AfD) criticized Mr. Blume for topic 31?


Additional questions to you:

  1. Do you think the Forum’s work is bed?
  2. Do you think the Forum should be closed?
  3. Our journalists say reporting half the truth and getting this way to different conclusions is considered as propaganda. Do you agree?
  4. Our lawyers say reporting half the truth and getting this way to different conclusions is legally seen as a lie, do you agree?
  5. Do you think reporting half the truth and getting this way to different conclusions is a proper journalistic method?
  6. Does the JPost print everything what you send in? If not, do you consider this as a restriction of free speech?
  7. I would never even dream about setting up your priorities, on which base do you take the right to dictate this to me?
    Also Malca tried this, this was one of our issues. Do you think she has the right to this?
  8. As you attempt to organize me, do you have the experience of working with a group in Facebook?
    Do you know how we are organized?
    How we track our projects?
    Specific issues while working with over 2300 members online?
    How we setup our priorities?
    Our structure? As we do not have only this one group, but some 30 different sites, a homepage, different databases online…
  9. Do you think, criticizing pro-Israeli politicians publicly is motivating them to increase and improve their support to Israel?
  10. Do you think, criticizing pro-Israeli politicians publicly support pro-Israeli politicians in their position within their parties?
  11. What do you think, who is mostly happy about such publications? Potentially our enemies?
  12. Malca has now Arabic fans calling for the support of her and some members of her group known to them, what do you think about this?
  13. Some members of the involved team said, the only logical explanation of such a behavior of a highly professional journalist, is the combination of Botox with hormones. Were you driven by hormones while writing this article?


Last not least:

I decline all your nasty accusation, as implied in your questions.

Freedom of speech is given in the open site of the Aktionsforum.

I explained why we separated from persons.

I explained we wanted to separate in peace.

I have been ejected from Malca’s group in first place.

We do not have any issues with criticism, we do criticize and are being criticized, but we insist it should be fair, this is also one of our main tasks concerning Israel.

Accordingly, we also did definitely criticize Mr. Blume with his “like” at a Jewish Facebook friend of his, saying Malca is not a real Jew.

We however insist of dealing with all cases according to the rule, the truth, THE HALL TRUTH, and only the truth.


Up to now Only the leaders of the Forum are involved.

I must mention, that I am personally very disappointed by this action of yours after such a long time, acting side by side. I basically feel not only betrayed by you but even by far more than that. I am missing the words to describe it.


I hope this answers your questions out of your many different e-mails to your satisfaction.


  1. This is our official answer to you. All other communication up to now on this matter was private and off the record.



Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Gaby Spronz