Causa Weinthal EN

Journalist Benjamin Weinthal has been massively attacking our forum since the end of July 2021

Unfortunately, we feel compelled to react and defend ourselves

The Weinthal theme is being worked on and will be updated on an ongoing basis
German version available in another tab

Why do we go public?


Definitely involuntary.

Because we in the forum actually prefer working in a discrete way behind the scenes.

Mr. Weinthal already appeared against the forum in 2019.

At that time we were just barely able to prevent a public dispute.

At the end of July 2021, Mr. Weinthal started a massive public defamation campaign against the forum and Gaby Spronz, he was unstoppable and continues this campaign.

As obvious out of the screenshot, he also publishes private messages and literally asks us to do the same.

We will:

  • Explain the background of the dispute, since the incident actually originated years ago
  • Presenting Mr. Weinthal's methods and tactics
  • List our contents on the dispute
  • Check and Correct facts
  • Publish open questions to Mr. Weinthal
  • Compare what Mr. Weinthal says, what he does, as well as the impact of his activities