Actual questions to Weinthal

Question 1:
Benny, how is it that you start a parallel campaign with one of the leading BDS organizations shoulder to shoulder against Mr. Blume at almost the same time?

Did you become a BDS supporter?

Question 2:

How do you rate it when someone or an organization fighting anti-Semitism is sabotaged in their activities?

Doesn't it promote anti-Semitism?

Question 3:

Regarding the city partnership Freiburg Isfahan, we explained to you that we are active behind the scenes.

On the other hand, are empty statements more important to you than actions in relation to the action against Freiburg's town twinning with Isfahan?

Or why did you force the forum to comment publicly and thereby sabotaged our related activities?

Question 4:

Are you aware that through your activities against the forum you actually indirectly manifested the twinning with Isfahan?

Question 5:

Your definition of the town twinning as anti-Semitic is a bit strange, because the contract does not contain anything about Jews.
The population is not necessarily anti-Semitic either.

The mayor, who also supported the government of Iran and its policies, is anti-Semitic.
Do you think you should express yourself more precisely in the future, especially as a VIP journalist?

It was probably not because of the language, since you wrote the same thing in your nativ language English.

Question 6:

You pretend to be Israeli, but you have answered all messages sent to you in Hebrew in English.
Do you speak hebrew
If so, when did you learn it?
How good are you in Hebrew?

When did you immigrate to Israel?

Question 7:

You claim you are the expert on the security of Israel because you live in Jerusalem.
How long have you been living in Israel?
Did you do military service in Israel? If yes, where?

With this argument there are 8 million experts in Israel, everyone else in the world is stupid, please give your explanation.

Question 7:

We have researched your expertise in your favor, and bingo you actually have an academic education, even with a master's degree, congratulations, but it's in philosophy.

Please explain to us what makes you an expert on security issues in the Middle East?

Question 8:

You claim the name Spronz is a fake.

How do you explain Gaby Spronz's lectures about his family?
How do you explain the listing of over 100 family members of Gaby in Yad Vashem?
Are you aware that by using the term fake for Spronz you are actually denying at least what happened to the Spronz family in the Holocaust?

Have you become a Holocaust Denier?

Question 8:

You demand statements from people in Germany against Iran and you mark Khamenei.

You know that by making statements you are risking their lives?
You live safe there in Jerusalem.

Why do you want to gamble jewish people's lives?

Are you a sadist

Question 9:

You asked me Gaby Spronz,  to send you my ID documents for publication.

You said I should take risks just like you.

but that is easy to say if you live in Israel.

The Iranian secret service is active in Germany not in Israel.

Besides, since I grew up in Israel with terror and am used to it, it's not about me, it's about my family.

Benny please explain what your target is, exposing my family to terrorism?

What did you want to achieve with this???

Wanna see blood?

Are you a sadist?

Question 10:

In the event of differences of opinion then yours, even with pro Israelis, you contacted employers and in the case of self-employed, the clients, with the aim of economically destroying the livelihood of the interlocutors.

Do you think this is democratic?

We are more familiar with such methods from the Stasi in the ex-GDR.

Please explain this acting of yours?

Are you a fan of the Stasi methodes?

Question 11:

You write without any basis that I, Gaby Spronz. criticize the Simon Wiesental Center (SWC).

This has no real basis and is a pure lie.

The only goal behind this could be to intregate me and SWC off against each other.

This method comes from the Stasi and is known as "Zersetzung" ("decomposition").

Dear Benny, do you decompose?

Are you a fan of the Stasi methods?

Question 12:

When attacking someone else, you were pride in the fact that a journalist allegedly took his life because of you.

Are you a sadist?