Allegations & Answers

Allegations of Mr. Weinthal to the Action Forum Israel or to Gaby Spronz are listed and answered here


Since we were overwhelmed by Mr. Weinthal in a chaotic way, with over 100 tweets and messages overnight, we try with a lot of effort to achieve some order in this mas.

Allegation: Gaby Spronz is a security risk for Israel

Response to security risk:


Dear Mr. Weinthal,

let's compare our war experience and what we did for the security of Israe.


Gaby Spronz:


1973 Yom Kipur war, volunteerrd to IDF (military industry) at the age of 17 shortl before graduation in mechanical engineering at the technical high school Yad Singalovsky.


We had two projects:


  1. Cleaning of tanks hit by missiles for repair and re-use. Body remains had to be removed with a spatula.


  1. I was happy to get this assignment:


TOW 1 anti-tank missiles supplied by the USA, needed to be mounted on jeeps.

The carrier device had to be developed and manufactured. This was the first project for us students, almost without supervision.


We achieved the target, the missiles were deployed and helped to save our homeland. It was criticle situation in this war.

After the war we received a letter of thanks from Moshe Dayan.


Military service: further information not for the public.


2006 Under rocket fire from Hezbollah in northern Israel.


In 2019, money raised for traumatized children around Gaza who regularly live under rocket fire.


2014 to date: Head of the “Aktionsforum Israel”:


Involvement in main stream media to improve reporting on Israel and the region.


Hindering BDS events and acting against, as also reported in JPost.


Stop funding of extremist NGOs in Israel.


Lectures on the Holocaust


Lectures on BDS


Most of it was done behind the scenes, as to experience this leads to a higher success quote, which we also have.

Out of this reason, no further details about our activities can be published.


All actions without financial support and only on a voluntary basis.

All costs of the forum are carried out of our own pockets.

TOW rocket mounted on a jeep

Photo: U.S. Marine Corps, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Weinthal's military experience and achievements for Israel:

Will be published here after receiving his reply

Allegation: The Forum and Mr. Blume defend anti-Semitism in Freiburg

Answer to the forum and Dr. Blume defend anti-Semitism:


That is, of course, a very rampant accusation.


So dear Mr. Weinthal, since you present yourself as the forerunner in the fight against anti-Semitism while you downright criminalize us, we allow ourselves a comparison for the purpose of objectification.


Who of us has contributed what in Freiburg on the subject of anti-Semitism up to now.


The request regarding your achievements has been sent, but is still pending on your part, but will be added immediately after your delivery, uncensored and of course unabridged.

Action Forum Israel

Criminal charges against Hitler salute

Stop funding of organizations supporting BDS

Lectures on the Holocaust: The story of the Jewish Spronz family

Lectures about and against BDS

Participation in stopping of the financing of anti-Semitic events.

Further activities are not for the public, some like actions against the partnership with Isfahan were sabotaged by the activism of Mr. Weinthal...

Benjamin Weinthal

Sabotaging the actions of the Israel Action Forum in Freiburg against anti-Semitism (Hitler salute).

Sabotaging the actions of the Israel Action Forum in Freiburg against the cities partnership with Isfahan.

(Are these achievements?)

Further achievements will be added immediately after delivery

Now got his official answer:

This is my answer for you, a fake person, who pretends he is pro-Israel and lives in Germany. Please publish it and mention that it is directed at you, the Troll from Germany who is pro-Iranian regime and pro-BDS. You can publish this note and my tweet.

Update will follow...