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Statement of Gaby Spronz:


After the Jewish new year’s eve, Rosh Hashana, we have now the so called “Yamim Noraim”, The "ten days of repentance" or "the days of awe" include Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the days in between, during which time Jews should meditate on the subject of the holidays and ask for forgiveness from anyone they have wronged.


I sincerely ask Mr. Dr. Blume for his forgiveness.

Long time ago I suspected, that he was targeted by designed Fakes in order to destroy him and his family.

The main Target of our Forum is to go against fake news concerning Israel, Jews and antisemitism.

I must admit, that in this case I fully missed the target up to now.

The task of Mr. Blume is to go against antisemitism.

By not protecting him in this case, I allowed making his work more difficult, what supports antisemitism.

I will now do my best to correct this and put things right.

Blume compares a Jew with the Nazi murderer Eichmann is a FAKE:

We figured out the origin article from Mr. Dr. Blume (See below)

With the Jew, is meant Mrs. Malca Goldstein-Wolf, marked in the Text in Blue.
The text with Eichmann is marked in Red.

4 German teachers were asked by ask to evaluate the text. 

All the 4 come independently to the clear result, that there is no relation between these two text blocks. They are even in two different chapters with no relation to each other.

It looks like the fake has been designed in the attention to destroy Mr. Blume's reputation.

The link in the header leads to the original article.

Eichmann, Breivik, Spencer and the terrorist attack in Christchurch - Ethnonationalism as a connection between anti-Semitism and racism


Since 1951 in Munich, more and more German cities have been celebrating the “Week of Fraternity”. First Christians and later Muslims as well as members of other and no religion (s) come together to stand together against misanthropy and conspiracy myths.

On Sunday I gave the lecture in front of a Judeo-Christian-Islamic-humanist audience in Karlsruhe, Tuesday in Pforzheim, Thursday I read and discussed with Dr. Dani Kranz and Hanife Tosun in Cologne. And tomorrow (Sunday) I will give the keynote address for the awarding of the Abraham plaque to committed students at the Tellkampf School in Hanover. Right now I'm blogging from the train.

Digital brutalization and conspiracy myths on the web

But nobody believes that work for dialogue and peace only meets approval. As has been the case for months, I am accompanied by online verbal abuse, of which it is not uncommon for my worried friends to send me screenshots. Insults as "bad Zionist" are common. For example, a certain "Mohammed Ali" writes to me: "Anti-Semitism not only threatens Jews? You filthy son of a bitch cursed your clan. [...] Choking you son of a bitch ”. ("Spelling" in the original, also in the following)

On the other hand, from an obviously “Islam-critical” point of view, a certain “Emrah Erken” claims that I am an “Islam appeaser” and that I also practice “Sharia appeasement” towards “Islamofascists”. And a “malca goldstein-wolf” tweeted under the hashtag #michaelblume an alleged connection “to the #Muslim Brotherhood” and “the Berlin State Secretaries #Chebli”. What is meant is State Secretary Sawsan Chebli (SPD), who has been particularly fervently persecuted by believers in conspiracies and racists in the so-called “social media” for a long time.

I also reassure friends and family accordingly: online hatred and confused conspiracy myths have long been part of everyday life on the Internet. I speak to a lot of people and I can say: Practically all people in public life are now besieged by trolls begging for meaning, conspiracy heralds, but also paid disinformants and fake accounts. Like book printing from the 15th century and the electronic media radio and film from the 20th century, digital media are not only used for good causes, but also to spread hatred, sexism, racism and anti-Semitism. This is exactly one of the main theses of my new book, eBook and audio book to be published on Monday “Why anti-Semitism threatens us all. How new media fuel old conspiracy myths ”. It feels strange - but also logical - to experience this on your own body again and again. I have long been used to it, deal with it openly, save a lot, publish some things and forward criminal offenses to the responsible security authorities. My stance on this is: If we are intimidated by trolls, we leave the public space to them.

Ethnonationalism as digital anti-Semitism of the 21st century

And then on Friday morning at 5:55 am I drive from Cologne to an interview with Wolfgang Heim at SWR1 people. News ticked in from New Zealand: An apparently racist terrorist attacked mosques in Christchurch and killed Muslims, including women and children.

I feel for the victims - and at the same time feel the confirmation of a terrible premonition. Because in the book I also formulated the observation that #Ethnonationalism is rising to the defining form of digital #Antisemitism.

The term “ethnonationalism” means the old, nationalist-racist view that every people and every religious community may only live in its “own” area and that cultural as well as biological connections (as “multiculturalism” or “racial disgrace”) are allowed be prevented.

For example, the later SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann (1906 - 1962), after building up a collection of conspiracy mythological Freemasons to promote his career, long represented ethno-nationalist anti-Semitism, forced and promoted the resettlement of Jews to Palestine (where Israel was founded in 1948) and visited together with a supervisor even Haifa. But when Hitler ordered the implementation of eliminatory anti-Semitism - i.e. the extermination of all Jews worldwide - Eichmann went along with it without resistance, kept the minutes of the Wannsee Conference on the planning of the genocide and finally rose to become a central organizer of the Holocaust / Shoah . For his zeal in the deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews as well as Sinti and Roma, Eichmann was finally sentenced to death in Jerusalem in 1961 and executed.

For example, the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik represented ethno-nationalist anti-Semitism when he murdered 77 people on July 22, 2011 in Oslo and on the island of Utoya. Many commentators and analysts reacted (and react) confused that Breivik even welcomed the existence of the State of Israel, expressed his hatred of immigrants and especially Muslims outside their countries (!) - and then above all murdered participants in a social democratic youth camp. Breivik had already formulated it in his online manifest: Jews who would like him would move to Israel in order to build a racially and culturally uniform ethno-state there. On the other hand, conspiratorial Jews, together with mainly left-wing non-Jews in the West, co-founded “multiculturalism” and the “Holocaust religion” in order to infiltrate Europe. A social democratic youth organization could therefore represent a terror target for Breivik and other ethno-nationalists as well as a mosque, church or synagogue community.

After his bizarre “Hail Trump!” Appearance in Florida in 2017, the American alt-right extremist Richard Spencer also paid tribute to Israel as an “ethno-state” for “Jews worldwide” and in the same speech praised Poland, Hungary and Russia as "European states that want to maintain their identity".

That Robert Bowers also attacked the “Tree of Life” synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27, 2018 and murdered Jews in order to protect “his people” from their alleged “conspiracy” with the “invaders” (refugees), unfortunately fits seamlessly into the ethno-nationalist ideology.

Ethnonationalism combined and connects anti-Semitism and racism in a violent conspiracy belief and claims:

  1. Part of the natural order is the strict separation of "races" and religions.
  2. Correspondingly, “good Jews” should kindly emigrate to Israel and again establish an ethno-nationalist state there. This ethno-nationalist pro-Israel creed (which in fact amounts to the abolition of democracy there) also enables them to see themselves as particularly committed “friends of Israel” and supposedly non-anti-Semites and non-racists. ("I have nothing against Jews, Arabs, Muslims or Africans - as long as they are limited to their own countries!")
  3. In contrast, however, there is a “globalist” and “multiculturalist” world conspiracy made up of Jews and non-Jews who deliberately destabilized the Orient and Africa in order to use Muslim and African refugees as “invaders” against Europe, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.
  4. This world conspiracy of Jews and non-Jews is realized in liberal, constitutional democracies and their media (“lying press”, “fake news media”), in which the peoples are deliberately “ripped through” and “transformed”. This world conspiracy needs to be smashed - by building up "alternative" digital media and, ultimately, by violence.
  5. The alliance with authoritarian dictators like Putin or Assad is also obvious, they only “protect” their “own peoples” through their anti-Semitic dictatorships. On the other hand, ethnonationalists stand up for global human rights, freedom of the press, the prohibition of torture etc. only as a hypocritical part of the “globalist” world conspiracy.

Already in June 2018 I blogged about the ethno-nationalist conspiracy myth of the so-called "Hooton Plan" - only a few months later the debates about the UN migration pact actually derailed. The Hungarian, deeply ethno-nationalist Soros Juncker posters and now the terrorist killings in Christchurch, New Zealand, now confirm my worst fears. Although a lot of information was still missing, I expressed these concerns about ethno-nationalism yesterday morning in the SWR1 people interview.

And in the meantime it has been confirmed: The Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant (suspected until the end of the court proceedings) referred directly to Anders Breivik and the British anti-Semite and fascist Oswald Mosley (1896-1980). "A Jew who lives in Israel," said Tarrant, "is not my enemy as long as he does not try to infiltrate my people and harm them." In general: “The invaders must be driven from the European earth, no matter where they came from. Roma, African, Indian, Turkish, Semitic, or others. " Bizarre: Tarrant apparently also counts Australia and New Zealand as part of the “European earth”, as if there had been no indigenous people there before.

So actually: Here too, pure racist and anti-Semitic ethnonationalism. Anyone who actually still believes that this terror threatens “only Muslims”, or “only Jews”, or “only Social Democrats” (etc.) has not understood the explosive danger of ethnonationalism.

Worried conclusion

Ethnonationalism is developing at breakneck speed into the globally and digitally dominant variant of today's anti-Semitism and racism. And again it is true: whoever wants to destroy an alleged world conspiracy, no group of people is safe from him. Terrorist violence against migrants and Muslims, against democrats, against houses of God and the media has the same psychological roots as the older forms of racism and anti-Semitism. It is precisely this form of conspiracy that actually threatens all of us.